100% Vegan, 110% Delicious

We believe great food should not only be healthy, but also tasty and convenient to prepare.

Vegetarian Trends

The trend toward vegetarian eating is growing rapidly. Vegetarian and vegan products have expanded from specialized outlets to mainstream grocers, discount retailers and club stores.

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Targeted Brands

Vege USA produces a full lineup of brands targeted to specific segments of the market, allowing retailers to provide their customers with products that closely match their individual needs.

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Food Service

We offer a full lineup of products specifically crafted for chefs, caterers, universities and other facilities that want to provide delicious vegan and vegetarian offerings.

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What's New

Vege USA’s promise to you is we will never stop striving to make going Vegetarian more delicious and easier than ever before. We are constantly looking for new dishes and tastes to make this journey of a Vegetarian lifestyle as enjoyable as it is healthy.

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Consumer Testimonials

Marcia Blount - Rancho Cordova, CA

“I just tried this dinner for the first time, and I loved it! I have been a vegetarian for about 6 years now, so I still remember how chicken tastes and feel. I could NOT tell this wasn't real chicken. I really miss a good tuna salad sandwich, so the Tuna Rolls will be my next item of yours to try. Thanks. I don't usually write to companies about their products, but I was very impressed. Thanks, and keep up the good work!”

vegan orange chicken
Chris Jensen – Ramona, CA

“My wife and I tried both dishes last night—outstanding. We could not tell they were not chicken and not beef. The sauces were awesome. Thanks so much for the coupons. We WILL be back to Whole Foods for more. Great job!”

vegan pepper steak

“I actually had the Black Pepper Steaks for dinner last night! The lil (little) ‘steak’ pieces were really good – though I found the sauce a little too peppery for me, I’d still buy it again though, love the texture and flavor of the meaty bits. Can’t wait to try something else new!”

vegan tuna

“...you guys are great and thanks again...I used my last package the other night making this. (White Bean Tuna Salad) Some of my friends really can't believe it's not tuna.”

vegan sparerib
Comfort Love and Adam Withers

“In all our many travels across the country, we have yet to find any meat substitutes as perfect and delicious as what Vegetarian Plus has to offer. Since our discovery, things like fake 'beef', 'pork' and 'chicken' have once again been added back onto our menu and we couldn't be more delighted! Being a vegetarian can be a hard thing to do, especially when you don't live in a big city like we do. But having the Vegetarian Plus products in our freezer makes everything better and easier.”