100% Vegan, 110% Delicious

We take vegetarian and vegan food service cuisine to a whole new level by offering a diverse line of gourmet meat alternatives that combine premier-quality ingredients, essential nutrients, and deliciously satisfying flavors in a convenient frozen packaged product.

Easy Serve Series

Created for multi-location operations that demand consistent quality and fast preparation, this series provides vegetarian and vegan versions of the most popular dishes in the world with simple heat and serve applications.

Element Series

Created as the essential building block for custom Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine creation, this series of premium quality protein alternatives give chefs the freedom to create any gourmet dishes or use existing recipes.


Our recipe ideas incorporate a wide range of international cuisines to excite every taste bud. Selections include authentic Asian ethnic dishes, All-American favorites, everyday Italian tastes, and much more.

Cooking with Vege USA

As one of the leading meat alternatives product suppliers, Vege USA provides a wide variety of premium quality meat-free meals for the foodservice channel. Vege USA products are not only loaded with essential nutrients, but they are also packed with flavor that’s easy to prepare. In response to increased demand from busy catering businesses, we focus on developing meat substitutes that have the look and texture of real meat to ensure overall presentation of the entrée. Our profitable high-end meat-free protein will definitely bring customers to your door!

Product Highlights

Vegan Black PepperSteaks

Vegan steak chunk pieces made of soy protein, in a sauce that has a base of black

Vegan Citrus Sparerib Cutlets

Vegan pork strip pieces made of soy protein, in a mildly sweet but tangy citrus sauce

Vegan Chicken Tikka Masala

Vegan chicken chunk pieces made of soy protein, in a masala sauce that has a

Vegan Orange Chicken

Vegan chicken chunk pieces made of soy protein, in a tangy orange sauce that