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I was recently given the chance to try Vege USA products and review them for you here. These products are especially good for those transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet or those who miss tasty Chinese-like food. My father and I would go once a month to the greasy Chinese buffet down the street before I went vegan. I’m not so drawn to that kind of food anymore but my dad still misses it.

Looking over the selection at the natural food store I was drawn to the shrimp. Not because I liked shrimp before I went vegan but I had to try something like looked just like shrimp. I figured my dad would like it because he was really into seafood before going vegetarian. I made pineapple fried quinoa (replacing quinoa for the traditional white rice) and tossed in the shrimp. It was quite tasty, but I wasn’t a fan of the shrimp. Dad said it was great and seemed very similar in texture to real shrimp.

A few days later I made my Cashew Alfredo and tossed in the shrimp. It’s very versatile and can be used in fresh spring rolls, shrimp cocktail, shrimp fajitas or within any recipe that you like.

Next we tried the Vegan Ginger Chicken. This reminded me of a dish I loved on the Chinese buffet! It was delicious! I stir-fried it with fresh pineapple, served it over quinoa and with a side of steamed butternut squash and broccoli. Dad also loved it.

Take a visit to your local natural food store to see what Vege USA products are carried there. They have a great variety of Asian-style and regular meat and seafood alternatives including Kung Pao Chicken, fish filets, Chicken Drumsticks, Black Pepper Steaks, and Orange Chicken.

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