Frequently Asked Questions

Vege USA encourages making informed decisions when choosing your diet. Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please send us a message with the contact form below.

Do your products contain MSG and are your proteins made with GMO ?

Our products do not contain MSG and we use non-GMO Soy Protein.

Can I microwave the pouch that it comes in after opening the box?

Yes. The plastic pouch containing our product is microwave safe. Be sure NOT to microwave the box.

Are your products gluten free?

Although some of our products do not contain gluten ingredients, they may be manufactured in a facility that processes other items containing gluten. Our products are not Gluten Free Certified. We are, however, in the works to produce a larger selection of delicious gluten free entrees for your dietary needs.

Where can I purchase your product?

We are sold in Whole Foods Markets nationwide (selections vary by location). We are also sold in Mother’s Markets, Lassen’s Natural Market, Rainbow Grocery, Co-Ops, and various natural health food stores. If you have trouble finding a store nearby, you can also order from and

What distributor can I purchase your products from?

Our items can be purchased through UNFI, KeHE, DOT Foods, Sysco, and US Foods.

Still Have Questions?

send us a message with the contact form below