Vegan Ginger Chicken Spring Rolls


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In for a review is another Vegetarian Plus item, this time it’s Vegan Ginger Chicken. Not content with just serving it atop of a starch, I made spring rolls.

The lightness of the lettuce along with the refreshing flavors of mint, basil and cilantro contrasts nicely with the savory chewiness of the ginger chicken pieces. Made from soybean fiber and protein, the texture and taste of the mock meat is very similar to what you would find in a Chinese restaurant, but now available in the frozen food section.

In this hot weather, I’ve been making spring rolls on demand for a no sweat lunch, kinda like a rolled up salad.

Just wash and spin dry several heads of baby lettuce, and store in the fridge until ready to use. (I’ve found if I don’t have already cleaned lettuce, I’m too lazy to make just a couple of spring rolls. But if it’s ready to go, then it doesn’t seem like that much work to make; it’s just assembly. Weird, huh?)

And instead of the usual rice noodles, I went with the super-easy-to-use, just-rinse-and-go kelp noodles. Then, it’s just a matter of heating up the veggie chicken and rolling it all up. Easy peasy, summer breezy.

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