The Rapidly Growing Trend Toward Vegetarianism

Vegetarian and vegan products have expanded from specialized outlets
to mainstream grocers discount retailers and club stores.

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US meat consumption continues to plummet as vegan lifestyles rapidly grow. Veganism is increasing and is strongly influencing restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, catering, and ultimately the entire food industry. As consumers become more educated on the health benefits of a vegan diet, businesses have to keep up. Universities and even prisons are now offering vegan and vegetarian protein as a healthy alternative.

This new trend is not only satisfying the consumer, but also benefiting the chef, as meat alternatives do not pose a health concern for cross contamination, making it easier and sanitary for storage and meal preparation.

Heavy meat eaters are even cutting back and opting for meatless meals. This, in turn, is another reason why meat alternatives have become so popular. Many don’t necessarily want to give up meat, but must for health concerns. This is just another example of why sales of meat alternatives in grocery stores continue to gain momentum and there is no sign of stopping!

Veganism is definitely not a fad, but a new way of life. It’s here to stay!

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